TDMN sMart Lock Apps


TDMN sMart Lock Apps

January 25, 2022

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Smart and Simple

Set out to achieve an audacious goal:

To provide businesses with an innovative trolley management system, advanced in delivering actionable data and equipped with an intuitive user interface.

The result

An integrated sMart Lock System™, sMart Shop App™, Trolley Data Management Network™, that safeguards your property, keeps communities clean and above all, surrenders a simple user experience.

What you may need

Key services

Different services and industry support requires to deliver the success to your unique business

IT Developing

Developing software applications for different devices such as desktop, mobile, internet browsers or electronic medical devices, and an existing software support


Web and Mobile Apps Creating

Create assets for your business which will not only have a nice presentation image but also will generate profit from its work


Bitrix24 CRM Partner

Solve automation questions for your business based on Bitrix24 CRM platform. We can help you to choose and optimal version, tune, teach and support it


IT Support

Resolve any issues which appears during work on the project. Your personal manager will clarify and formulate tasks and help to achieve the result


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