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About Us

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Focus on the quality result and creating unique software solutions for any business size and for any task requirements

Kite Union provides unique and professional Information Technology services for small to large businesses. We not only develop software and mobile applications, we also concentrate on high quality design and marketing at the same time as delivering a comprehensive and creative approach to IT solutions.

At Kite Union a customer-centric approach is used. It means that we have a personalised approach to every customer and create tailored projects according to customer specific needs

Kite Union offers a strong team of IT developers, designers and marketing specialists from Australia and Europe which allows customers to receive up-to-date and multifaceted services

We currently offer the following services:

  • EXTENSIVE IT DEVELOPMENT: We create different IT solutions from scratch which has a stable and load prove architecture and it requires the lowest level of support after delivering a solution. Our professional team will make everything necessary to make your project align with your goals.
  • IT CONSULTING: Auditing, design, consultancy, strategy development and change management. Whether you are just starting your business or you only need maintenance for your current software, we are ready to help and offer tailored solutions and support your project whenever required.
  • DESIGN: Prototyping design, sketching, IT architecture design. Our team of experienced designers is ready to share its vast knowledge and superior skills for you to achieve success with your business productivity.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Testing, documenting and analysing IT issues. With our team of testers we manage and monitor every stage of the project assuring design quality and adhering to standards and requirements.
  • SUPPORT: Ongoing IT advice, support, updates and issue resolution.
  • MARKETING: Promoting, advertising, SEO optimisation support, social networking. We only work with experts in IT marketing who constantly explore IT trends worldwide.

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Kite Union is a finalist at Australian Small Business CHAMPION Awards 2023

Information Technology

Australian Small Business Champion Awards, Australia

Kite Union is a finalist at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) in 2022

City of Parramatta Excellence in Customer Service

City of Parramatta Excellence in Innovation

WASBE, Parramatta, Australia

Kite Union is a finalist at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) in 2021

City of Parramatta Excellence in Customer Service

WASBE, Parramatta, Australia

Kite Union is a finalist at Sydney Metro 2022 Business Awards

Outstanding Business Leader

Excellence in Innovation

Excellence in Micro Business

2022 Sydney Metro Business Award, Australia

Kite Union is a finalist at Sydney Metro 2021 Business Awards

Outstanding Business Leader

Excellence in Micro Business

2021 Sydney Metro Business Award, Australia

Julia, Business Analyst is Winner at Sydney Metro 2021 Business Awards

Outstanding Employee

2021 Sydney Metro Business Award, Australia

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our achiever

Regional Winner and State Finalist

The Outstanding Employee 2021 Business Award winner recognises an inspirational employee who has demonstrated a passion for their role and a commitment to their workplace and community


Business Analyst



“Alexey is a client focused professional that invests the time required to truly understand the needs of those he supports. Alexey's development of my business' website showcased his willingness to innovate to ensure a slick and professional product was provided to me without the hefty price tag of conventional web developers. Further, Alexey's suggested enhancements showed me he understood my needs and took pride in the product he delivered. I would certainly engage Alexey in the future should the opportunity arise.”


Business Coach

“Alex has produced the most brilliant website for our new Taiji Academy. He understood exactly what we required, was extremely prompt in creating the site, updating it and advising us on the perfect format. I would highly recommend Alex and his Company, Kite Union, to anyone looking for advice, support and outstanding Customer Service.”


Academy Trainer

“‘He's built a fantastic app that is 100% customised for my business and for many others that have benefitted. If you're doing anything that is manual or written, and you're sick of it, call Kite Union and get Alexey to fix you up an app. I increased my productivity by 300% with one chat to these guys.”


DuoTax Director

“Kite Union provided my client company with a professional, creative and proactive service in developing a marketing tool for their pharmaceutical product. I highly recommend using their services if you need to promote your product in an innovative way and need help with developing a unique digital concept for your brand.”


Shuffle Studio Director


Mission and direction

Deliver complex unique software solutions with simplicity to any business size within Australia or New Zealand


Making the software development process easily understandable


Understanding, Learning, Observing, Creating, Delivering, Supporting

our engine

Outstanding Business Leader Finalist 2021/2022

When you trust us with your project, you always know in which direction it goes because of our very qualified managing director who is the Outstanding Business Leader finalist at Sydney Metro 2021 / 2022 Business Awards

Alexey prokopenko

Managing director

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