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IT Developing

IT developing includes all different stages of software development of information systems of any complexities for the customer needs. It includes creating system architecture, consulting, applying or integrating modern technologies. In more details it includes:

Documentation and analysis

Analyse the concept and the task. Understand your work specific. Discuss with you the results and offer you documented business requirement solutions.


Make user interface prototype UI or user experience prototype UX. Present design without developing any code. Create illustration and unique style, or exclusive graphic elements.


Create server side or Backend system and the client side or Frontend (visible application). Write mobile application for the required platform iOS and Android by using the native application development tool or by using cross platform specific development tools.

MVP version

Present MVP-version of the combined application by providing test access. Provide the potential to check all possible functions and provide the main feedback on the developed product before creating the final release.

Project release

Make loaded testing and check on different devices, investigate unique user case usage scenarios for the application. Choose hosting platform for the work load, help to buy a domain name, hosting, licences, and whatever else is required.

Account registration and publishing

Publish actual release version on your Google Play and App Store accounts (help to register, if required). Prepare media files for publishing on the platforms and make audit or application optimisation.


After finishing developing product, providing technical application support. Offer a hybrid approach for calculating support period or support conditions. Offer win-win collaboration approach of developing product together.


Integration of modern technologies with different systems


The key component is to sustain when the work load is increasing


Create product or project that brings profit from its developing


People and robots work with data in collaboration to predict the future


System adaptation to the different work load or technologies


Result makes the enormous capacity of using unique systems

Idea for you

The common result in our collaboration will be enormous. Integrating our systems with your existing products resolve and solve many different business issues. The earlier system development starts the faster positive result is noticeable

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