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Solve different automation questions based on Bitrix24 CRM platform. We can help you to select and buy and optimal version, to setup, and to teach and support. Working with system on Bitrix24 platform reduces many task complexities.

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Partnering with Bitrix24 company allows Kite Union to offer our clients to build process automatisation on the modern technology and resolve many complex tasks in

Bitrix24 platform

Contains five important instruments which can help business work efficiently:

1. Online-office

Help to work together, it creates the full corporate portal which combine and simplify communication inside your business. Corporate portal contains all necessary for collaborative work: chat, storage, calendar, groups, working reports, business processes and other tools.

2. Tasks and projects

Bitrix24 allows to set goals to colleagues and to yourself. Your can change responsible persons, change deadlines, fix timeline and the task history. Deadlines and counters allow not to forget about deadlines, and notifications will be sent to managers if deadlines are missed.

3. CRM

CRM is the system of working with clients and following up. You can trace all your potential client requests and always keep track of it. CRM can lead client through the funnel to the closing deal: from cold calling to the final deal.

4. Contact centre

Turn on all potential communication channels to Bitrix24: Phones, Facebook, electronic messages, your sites. You can dived all communication channels in Contact-centre and your clients still communicate through the most convenient channels to them.

5. Websites and e-commerce sites

Websites and landing pages should be not only for a beauty reason, which can be created easily. The main task of landing pages is to bring clients. Websites in Bitrix24 are created to sell! Internet shopping is easy to sell in a simple constructor. Each order, each contact will appear in CRM immediately.


We can help to settle and select the right platform, modules, components and everything else what may be needed for your business and your project.

  1. Cloud version could be an optimal solution if when you have a large number of employees. Selected commercial subscriptions provide an unlimited number of user accounts for both the intranet (employees and management) and the extranet (partners and clients). If you eventually need a higher level of product customization, corporate branding and/or integration with other enterprise software, you can always migrate your Bitrix24 Cloud account to the On-Premise version.
  2. On-premise or Self-hosted version is fully customizable (in the front-end of the product you can change logo, color scheme, layout, menu structure, page content, add or remove gadgets, modify CRM menu and fields, etc.). The On-Premise version can be hosted on a remote web server of your choice, or deployed on a local network of your client (even with no or limited access to the Internet).

Depending on your the business nature, company size, and requirements for an intranet solution, you can choose between the flexible Cloud subscription plans, or develop a custom intranet project using the On-Premise version.


Provide the full delivery of Bitrix24 and incorporation into your business.


We take to support existing solutions or the new developing solutions on Bitrix24 platform

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Ready made solutions of 1C-Bitrix allows build a solution quicker


Cloud hosting provides a security in scalability of your project


Creating project by using leadership products leads to a success


Combination of different project parts set the one flow in the system


Difference in modules support the global task possibilities


Main goal is creative and understanding the future scope

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Working with existing solutions allow to simplify the speed of developing and reduce expenses for creating the final product and integration expenses into the one system

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