Application A Roll Call


Application A Roll Call

August 3, 2021

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Smart Check-In / Check-Out tracking and managing system for educational organisations. An easy way to monitor and control students' attendance at scheduled teaching events. 

Project Outline

Modify teaching spaces across the University with Beacon technologies to improve the students experience. 

Our client approached Kite Union to build a system that will track the attendance of classes by teachers and students, and will also track the duration of the class, manage schedule and media content for classes, and provide quality control reports of the staff activities. 

Kite Union  designed and developed a custom responsive system that includes WEB and iOS/ Android applications to meet the goals of the project. The major challenges of the project were the user-friendly interface within a tight timeframe for release (the beginning of the school year). Before the check-in attendance process was fully manual and collected data was often compromised. Now it takes just a few minutes to add the new attendee/staff member, and then a few more for them to understand how the app works.

Project - Web-based Platform, iOS/Android App

Industry - Education

Technologies - Beacon BLE Tracking 


  1. Quick Reporting: Accurately monitor student attendance performance and teaching activities based on selected criteria. 
  1. User-friendly dashboards: Easy-to-use dashboard that is built with Bootstrap+, Angular 6 and NgRx frameworks to manage application content. 
  1. Mobile Tracking Technologies: Location-based searching and interaction functionality via Beacon BLE tracking technologies.
  1. Smart Accounting: Collect and maintain teaching activities information to support any accounting estimates with relevant and reliable data.
  1. Secure & Private: Secured client data management system to process sensitive data.
  1. Responsive Interface: Streamlined interface with focus on smooth and intuitive user journey was a key to success for this project. 

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