Application A Roll Call


Application A Roll Call

August 3, 2021

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Project was developed for an education organisation. The task was to create a workflow process, describe, and create an application product for tracking students in the educational institute.

Our client has faced with the problem of non-clarity of educational process. Many students missed lessons, agreed with teachers to miss lessons for money exchanged. Managers of the educational organisation, decided to develop system which would allow to track visiting lessons and create the more flexible and dynamic process to remove corruption in the organisation.

We have been offered to develop system of tracking lessons. Therefore a mobile application was developed for student and teachers which allowed to use double identification from the teacher and student side. The new technology of check-ins with Beacons technology and RFID tokens on a gateways to trace who is coming inside and leaving the buildingздания.

System create usable reports for data analysis and data collection and help to make technical and management decisions based on collected data.

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