Application MyResolve


Application MyResolve

August 3, 2021

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Secure and confidential therapy from the comfort of your own space.

Our client was looking for a team to build a web platform that would facilitate interactive sessions with patients and engage with other therapists through a scalable digital network of professionals. The solution had to include a smart referral tracking system and an assessment tool for users to register. 

Kite Union team worked together with the customer at each stage of the process to build a detailed web-based solution that meets project objectives. As a result, we developed the counselling platform with a convenient and intuitive interface that included: different types of communication (text, phone and video calls), secure clients data management, self-help treatment solutions via templated online psychology tasks, referral system for professionals. Provided functionality is easily accessible across any device.

Additional technical support and further development options were also provided for this project.


  1. Advanced Analytics: Effective data analytics helps to control and monitor the equipment performance and provide the best service for the clients. 
  1. User-friendly dashboards: Easy-to-use platform for mental health providers and clients to manage all virtual care interactions.
  1. Booking System: Accept bookings with cloud-based booking system and integrated payment system.
  1. Secure & Private: Secured client data management system (end-to-end encryption for sensitive data)
  1. Referral system implementation: Implemented a referral system to track where your customers can from and benefit your partners  
  1. Interactive engagement: Interactive elements to enhance counselling sessions and improve self-care activities curated by mental health professionals.

Web platform with clear and well structured approach to ending mental health issues. Integrated therapy solutions and counselling management linking therapists and clients.

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