Application FrozoneAir


Application FrozoneAir

July 10, 2021

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Frozone Air - Application for companies which install and service air condition systems.

Project Outline

Extremely simple quoting. Designed with precision and a seamless user experience in mind // Forget about the inefficiencies of manual entry. A fully integrated system makes the order process streamlined and valuable for the customer, and much more efficient for the supplier.

The Frozone Air installs Split Systems, Multi Split Systems, Ducted Systems and VRV Air Conditioning units for their customers. The company’s issues began when they calculated the time they take when generating quotations. They identified a lot of wasted time. Kite Union built a custom solution to provide quick and detailed quotes for the customers.

Taking into account all of the problems, Kite Union developed the following solution. Data entry was reduced by using pre-programmed forms where all the data is selected from predefined lists. The detailed product catalogue and design tool aid in completing the installation specifications. PDF quotation forms can now be generated within the mobile application, eliminating the time required to prepare quotations. The application helped to reduce project risk, time to market, lower budgets and optimise business. Kite Union provides high-quality customer support for the mobile app.

Right part

Project - iOS, Android Applications (Apps)

Industry - Air Conditioning & Heating Services / Heating Services / Maintenance Services / Climate Services

Technologies - iOS Native Swift Code

Product catalogue

Paper catalogues were replaced by mobile application which is installed on your mobile device. You can impress your customers and increase your sales stream by quoting in the front of them.


Paper catalogues replaced with the onsight mobile product catalogue on your device. Impress your customers and boost sales.

Optimising workflow process

Performance, reliability and user-friendly design simplify the process of using the application.

Service M8 Integration

Simplify and streamline data integration to keep track of progress and determine the next step in your business.

Auto calculations

Provide details, make notes, get a professional installation report within a few minutes and send it immediately to your client.

Pre-programed document types

A simple interface and user-friendly forms make it easy to understand and aids in quickly grasping the functionality.

User-friendly forms that help to simplify data lookup and data entry. Create professional forms in a few minutes!

What you may need

Key services

Different services and industry support requires to deliver the success to your unique business

IT Developing

Developing software applications for different devices such as desktop, mobile, internet browsers or electronic medical devices, and an existing software support


Web and Mobile Apps Creating

Create assets for your business which will not only have a nice presentation image but also will generate profit from its work


Bitrix24 CRM Partner

Solve automation questions for your business based on Bitrix24 CRM platform. We can help you to choose and optimal version, tune, teach and support it


IT Support

Resolve any issues which appears during work on the project. Your personal manager will clarify and formulate tasks and help to achieve the result


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