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Consultancy and Documentation

Writing business task requirements, project solutions, architecture. Consultancy in IT questions and product delivery to the market are the main task of Kite Union. We focus on your success and delivery it to you


Creating a plan of the main tasks and based consultancy and project review sessions for a stage understanding and setting descriptions of the all business processes. 

Business requirements

Create documents which contain all necessary business requirements and project description based on collected data of the client. 

Project specifications

Create documents which will contain architecture and system configuration, technological solutions, or system requirements. It will help to support and create the project by developers and extend it further.

Testing scenarios

Creating actual testing scenarios of highly loaded testing based on the original customer requirements.

Potential opportunities

Prepare additional potential project development description which takes into consideration the current project structure and potential ways of the project scalability when the system will start growing.


Helping to develop marketing concept of delivering your produce to the market, by taken into consideration of the local audience, knowledge and following steps to get a desired market.

Effective consultancy and documentation created by Kite Union's team is standing on the high level because of our system approach to study the project scope and business tasks of the customer.


Adapting modern process technological framework at projects


Stress control and focus driven create stable structure at the work place


Understanding results and expectations before starting working


Clients and employee always communicate while working together


Methodology at working with client adapting and correcting


Final line and collaborative success is the main criteria at work

Idea for you

Documentation and consultation it is not just a service which gives a result, this is a service which creates a form of ethics communication a client and a supplier. It forms credible understanding of work to be done while two parties working on a product together

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