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Network Administration Services

System engineers are always ready to setup, relocate and support your servers, projects and adjust servers to your needs with providing 24/7 support when it is required.


Investigate your requirements in administrating network infrastructure. A personal system administrator and engineer will be allocated to working with you.


Collect, tune, setup and run into production environment according with your needs. Moreover your existing environment can be taken for a support with Windows / Unix based operation systems.


Transfer all information from your current serves to the new new cloud environment. Network channels will be setup for running server operations and your internal network configuration servers.


Setup 27/7 system monitoring and notification event for understanding the current status of your equipment and applications and process in the most convenient way on the administration panel.

Backup systems

Configure backup systems for copying important system or software data which are required to be saved into the storage environment such as hard disks, network shared folders, cloud storage accounts or external devices.


Provide regular technical support and server specialists depends on a project requirement demand.


Servers and cloud technologies require a specific knowledge


Backups and total system control through management boards


Opportunity to link all system parts together and work from a remote


Transparent communication between a customer and administrator


Automatic extension of the system under a high workload


Stability of servers and its work under any conditions is the goal

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Working with administrators the key success and prove of their professional and quality work is non-visibility of their work because systems when they are correct should work automatically event with potential self extensions

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