Web apps

Living in the internet era

Web application and web services developing

Creating website, web services, information and administration portals, CMS, CRM and ERP-system of different complexity level by using modern internet browsers, JavaScript frameworks and synchronisation with different 3rd party systems. Adaptation and incorporation of existing partner systems.

Minimum Viable Product

Develop and run minimum viable product (MVP) on time and budget. MVP will help you understand and set further actions

Existing Uncertainties

Help develop a project with pre-existing uncertainties. Start working on a such project, Kite Union will make the documentation first and offer ways of moving forward

Solution Integration

Develop unique and non-standard functions, integrate with services and databases of software providers and make sure that everything works completely and stably

Project Solution

Create all necessary project documentation for your future project or automation solution. Then you can always decide where you develop the solution

Support Assistance

Create project and work environment for stable project developing, provide 24/7 support on cloud based servers such as AWS, Azure or other cloud providers

Unique Future

Improving existing web application or technologies

Further software development of your web portal of different complexity level, which were developed by other developers, we can help to extend, change, support, and provide technical support of your project.


Speed up project delivery and extend your team


Incorporate new functionality or integrations


Make your project using modern technologies


Make a code analysis and project architecture


Setup stably and continue integration and development


Help to optimise the speed and web architecture

Work control

Developing web management portal

By using JavaScript programming language and connecting this portal to your internal systems of data management and internal management. Different developing systems can be used

Team Approach

Add, extend your existing team of developers for the current project or form new competencies for the new project for the purpose of achieving the goal

Simple Solutions

Sometimes it is required to create a landing page or many page landing web application, for the purpose of developing complex systems and system connections

Required Support

Support and project development are constantly in demand when you create a unique solution, so we are ready to provide such support for your project

Project Solution

Make software validation, describe the project result, provide a specific report after code investigation and our advise on how it can be improved or developed

Collaboration Principle

Make a complex and interactive screen application interface for all apps of the project. Help develop wireframes and the logic of UI/UX of the application

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