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Creating unique mobile applications

Mobile applications are more than just a mobile phone under iOS or Android operation systems. Mobile applications are a complex solution which usually go together with desktop solutions or web browser applications

Base Solution

Based solution is required at the beginning of the project which will satisfy minimum requirements for receiving the first working application solutions

Business Requirements

Help to resolve the project with pre-existing uncertainties when we get such a project, we create business specification documents and afterwards offer the next steps

System Integration

Mobile application adds and extends the functionality of the existing system by providing an application to resolve functionality which is available on mobile devices

Screen Wireframe

Create wireframe of application screen before developing processes, describe structures of screen collaboration and create a screen prototype

constant growth

Extending of pre-existing mobile solutions

Decided to extent or improve your mobile solution, write additional code, change developers, integrate new technologies, adapt new solutions? All extensions will require additional attention to developing and incorporating new code


Programming is required in scaling up and moving forward


Change existing application according to requirements


New functionality integration, artificial intelligence


Professional validation of the current system


Creating high volume loaded mobile applications


Supply the quality screen interface reaction

Control remotely

Complex mobile business management apps

Despite the computer language, mobile applications require specific attention with working with data and exchanging with the server. They require specific security level, speed, scalability resources and stability in growth

Existing Integrations

Integrate existing systems to the mobile application workflow and also link with the new application program interfaces (API)

Data Representation

Mobile application screen is different from the other type of applications and have screen limitation to adapt data to the screen

Complete Solution

Designing complete project is done by reviewing the full complete solution and determining the process of working with data and other systems

Modern Technologies

Creating workflow of new modern technologies such as QR codes, RFID tokens, Bluetooth devices and other systems which work with mobile devices

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