Device apps

Ectronic devices

Application for electronic devices

Application for medical devices, robotic systems, creating management panel for your hardware and controlling complex systems and data exchange and analysis from IoT devices

Minimum Viable Product

Develop and run minimum viable product (MVP) on time and budget. MVP will help you understand and set further actions

Specific Equipment

Help developing project without specific requirements and with unique hardware equipment. Project requirement specifications are developed for the project

Solution Integrations

Create unique functionality, non standard requirements, integrate with different web services and databases and make everything to work precisely

System Control

Create management dashboard by using power Business Intelligence (BI) tools or custom made solutions to control chain of events where you can see main points

Never enough

Modern views on previous solutions

Update the current systems and change some system components, integrations or create additional application based on the current system and used experience. Complex systems require a specific professional approach


Stage development of necessary parts


Review project parts and electronic devices


Additional equipment for analysing system signals


Big data analysis and building prediction trends


Provide updating package to be installed


System refresh without interruption and loosing data

People replaced by robots

Automating manufacture or a factory

High-Tech connection of the electronic IoT devices and automation of the existing manufacture by introducing robot control systems and reading electronic signals and sending signals

Simple Solutions

The complex is in simple when system parts connected together in the chain of events allow to see the process though all its elements and control production line

Connected Blocks

Each service is pre-elementary block and resolve the simple compute methods. However when many blocks are connected together they exchange signal between and control project stability

Project Architecture

Review your manufacture and describe processes and provide detailed and analysis of the developing solutions for your business with an architecture example

Notification Importancy

It is very important part as data control and collection of the information introduces the system of providing system hints or messages and reaction on system events

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