Desktop apps

Modern solutions

Developing software applications for Windows and Mac operation systems

Even the internet is constantly developing, there is always a demand in Windows or Mac applications. For example for touch TVs or touch panels. These applications allow you to control attached devices through communication ports or managed devices over network. These application can work also without internet access and use computer storage device and processor.

Minimum Viable Product

Develop and run minimum viable product (MVP) on time and budget. MVP will help you understand and set further actions

Existing Uncertainties

Help develop a project with pre-existing uncertainties. Starting working on such a project, Kite Union will make documentation first and offer ways of moving forward

External Devices

Make software solutions to connect with any type of device attached to the personal computer. For instance: payment machine, gate control equipment at your place

Unique Solutions

Structure the project and make unique system according to your requirements. Estimate your project, find the best solution and make the project alive

System Updates

Create periodic software updates after launching the project. Our specialist will help to understand what software parts have to be updated and uploaded

Everything in our hands

Support of existing projects and solutions

We help when you want to migrate your project to the new environment, improve it, refresh it or connect it with other systems


Extend functionality with partial implementation


Create and update functional project parts for improving


Adapt new technologies or system to existing solution


Validate and check your project status and quality


Tune and relocate your servers with your configuration


Optimise the application and speed of the application

Everything is in the quality

Controlling your business process through desktop application

Creating program application on C#, Java or any other software development language which can work with desktop application interfaces. New application can become your work board for managing your manufacture, business processes or products or services

Team Approach

Using team collaboration in the work setup together with partnering with other IT development teams for achieving the final goals and end product result

Simple Solutions

Sometimes the simple solution is required to create only one main task by developing a desktop application and removing designing complex solutions

Software Support

Software application requires support and constant developing and updating because of changed drivers, libraries or operation system changes

Project Documentation

Create software project documentation, describe potential solutions, by using ours and your ideas, experiences or software project examples on the market

Logical Chains

Observe the chain of events in applications, micro-services, operation systems and how software solution works and runs within working environment

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